carbon black

Carbon black can be used for many different applications. It is employed as a reinforcing agent in the production of tyres,imparting abrasion and tear resistance as well as important wet-grip properties.

In addition, carbon black is used to produce wiper ribbons,floor mats,engine mounts, and hoses for all types of vehicles.

It is also an essential element in paint, printing ink, batteries, electric conductors, and a broad range of rubber products.

Packaging of TCP Carbon Black is
Paper Bag 25 Kgs/bag
Jumbo Bag 500 Kgs/bag
Jumbo Bag 1000 Kgs/bag
Typical Properties and Features
  • N134
    A super-small particle size giving high abrasion resistance and strong rubber reinforcement
  • N220
    Standard ISAF with Good processability, Strong reinforcement and high abrasion resistance.
  • N234
    High abrasion resistance, higher hardness and modulus than standard ISAF
  • N326
    Low modulus, High tensile strength and elongation, Good abrasion resistance with low structure.
  • N330
    Standard HAF, High abrasion resistance, High tensile strength, proper modulus and sufficient elongation.
  • N339
    High abrasion resistance, Good dispersion and processability with high structure.
  • N375
    High abrasion resistance, higher reinforcement and higher tensile strength.
  • N550
    Excellent dynamic properties. Low shrinkage at extrusion molding and smoothest surface.
  • N660
    Soft black with high elasticity and low heat-buildup.
  • N774
    Excellent in dynamic properties and processability, Much stronger reinforcement than thermal black.
  • G-N550
    Low grit of N550 for smoothest surface product.
  • G-N660
    Low grit of N660 for smoothest surface product.
  • G-N774
    Low grit of N774 for smoothest surface product.