Ties of Reliability

Our corporate philosophy is "Ties of Reliability". We believe in the importance of trust between Tokai Carbon and our stakeholders (as represented by customers, shareholders, employees, and society). This idea of mutual reliability, which is based on common values shared with our stakeholders, is the foundation of our continued business and existence.
This concept allows us to provide added value to our stakeholders, thus enabling them to achieve their individual goals. Through this cycle of trust, we will strive to further enhance our ties of reliability.


1. Ability to Create Value

Under our corporate philosophy, we think we first need the ability to create added value from the resources consigned to us for fulfilling our mission. We consider it the foundation of profit-making power and always endeavor to enhance this ability.

2. Fairness

We then need fair enterprise management to smoothly continue this circulation of value. We aim at fairness in competition and profit distribution to sustain the circulation of value.

3. Ecology

We consider the environment a silent stakeholder. The environment is not only one of our business resources, but it is also where all resources come from and finally return to. We keep in mind that the circulation of value performed by the enterprise is part of the circulation of nature, and aim at harmony of business management with the environment.

4. Internationalism

We are selling products and are expanding our manufacturing sites around the world. Following it our stakeholders spread across the world. We will hold our guidelines acceptable to the world so that we can circulate value and enhance reliability worldwide.
Tokai Carbon Group will continue pursuing the corporate philosophy following the four guidelines through our unique activities as manufacturer focusing on carbon materials.

Code of Ethics
The TOKAI CARBON Code of Ethics provide for the matters to be observed by the Company and all its directors and employees for the promotion of fair business activities under the company's basic philosophy and action guide.

1. Fair business activities

The company's business activities shall be conducted through fair competition, and sound and normal relations should be maintained with government and administrative organizations, customers, suppliers, etc.

2. Compliance

The company's business activities shall be conducted in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, based on social norms and common sense.

3. Information disclosure

Active, timely, and appropriate information disclosure shall be pursued to enhance the transparency of business activities.

4. Appropriate management of information

The company information shall be managed in place, as well as information originating outside the company and third parties' rights including intellectual properly rights.

5. Respect for human rights

Sound working environment where the personality and character of individuals are respected shall be secured in consideration of fundamental human rights and privacy.

6. Confrontation with antisocial elements

The company will decisively confront antisocial elements or groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society and never accept any improper or illegal request from them.

7. Respect for overseas cultures and customs

The company's business activities abroad shall be conducted in compliance with the laws of each country and international rules and in respect for the cultures and customs each country.

8. Response to breach of the TOKAI CARBON Code of Ethics

In the event of breach of the TOKAI CARBON Code of Ethics, top management shall directly work on settling the case to probe the causes and prevent recurrence.